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Far more than just an electronic version of Wired magazine, this influential outpost is the product of a full-time staff dedicated to keeping it fresh.

Adobe Systems
Graphics designers and desktop publishers may want to jump through their computer screens and live at this lavish site filled with Adobe software downloads, FAQs, user tips and more.

Visitors to this classy site from the multimedia software giant will find some of the finest graphics on the Web, backed up with a healthy library of articles and multimedia clips for both hobbyists and seasoned professionals.
If you're a Windows user, getting used to the Web interface at this place should take all of a few seconds.

One would expect an excellent site from computer wizards at Hewlett Packard, and that's what you'll find at home base for the company's world-wide network of Web stops.

Fujitsu is one of the biggest companies in the world, so we were expecting a bit more pizzazz from this communications and computer systems behemoth.

Network World Fusion
This computer networking magazine steers you through the sometimes confusing world of computer connectivity.

Windows95 Annoyances
Every operating system has its foibles, but considering Windows95's unusually long beta period and extensive user testing, Microsoft should be downright embarassed by some of the things its OS does.

Stroud's Consummate Winsock Applications
Forrest Stroud lists and reviews the best and worst of Internet software for all flavors of Windows.

Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
Carl Franklin and Gary Wisniewski want to stick to the traditional Internet concept of free information on their site -- free to users, free to companies, and free of advertising.

The Shareware Shop
Finding good shareware applications on the Net used to be a lot harder: grabbing a file meant surfing a slew of FTP directories. But nowadays, sites like this one have made the hunt as easy a click of the mouse

SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository
For years SimTel was the reigning champ of FTP sites when it came to PC software, and moving the entire collection onto the Web via this nifty interface will probably keep the streak going.

The Year 2000 Information Center
The arrival of the millennium is expected to give fits to many computers and software programs, as the "chickens come home to roost" for short-sighted programmers who calculated years based on two digits instead of four.

Rather than just pointing to reference material as some other Java sites have done, JavaWorld is a full-fledged online magazine for the growing ranks of Java programmers