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Macondo- A Gabriel Garcia Marquez Web Site
This elegant tribute to Colombian writer and Nobel Prize winner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is a labor of love wrought not by a literature prof gripped by angst over the future of The Canon.

William S. Burroughs Explorer
The William S. Burroughs Explorer burrows deeply and darkly into the much-banned author's world.

The Umberto Eco Page
Umberto Eco, the Italian super-semioticist turned novelist, is celebrated at this elegant tribute.

The Jack Vance Archive
Everything a science fiction connoisseur could crave to know about one of the genre's most respected practitioners, Jack Vance, comes via this Dutch site.

Covers more than 15,000 famous lives. Lists latest entries, with chapter samples and interactive quiz.

Project Gutenberg
Digitally re-published literature and reference material. This is the largest searchable text archive available.

Orson Welles
At the tender age of three, when most of his peers were struggling with potty training, Orson Welles was reading Shakespeare.

Modern music is sometimes derided as style over substance, but at this cutting-edge music guide, they have the depth to match the flash.

Digital VOODOO- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
If this weren't the Web you'd be paying cold cash for this kind of richly-illustrated, detailed biography of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. Don't be thrown by the 1996 bulletin, either -- scroll down and you'll find the site is still lives.

Unlike many a slick paper-based music 'zine, soundz passes the genre's style vs. substance test.

Bjfrk -- Web Sense
Bjfrk's Web Sense is a tribute to the first pop music diva to hail from Iceland.

Music Treasure
Thanks to the Internet, previously obscure music from all corners of the planet is now only a mouse click away.

The Alternative Connection
If you're tired of overcommercialized pages on alternative bands, check out this huge but humble list of links with no corporate sponsors.

Jazz Central Station
Hop on the train at this slick Jazz Central Station site for a ride to a variety of jazzy destinations, including New York, Chicago, and New Orleans.

Montreux Jazz Festival
This appropriately cool site from Grolier features history, jazzy gossip and sound bites of live performances from the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

House of Blues
Art and commerce collide head-on at this kinetic, flashy site that reflects the growth and stature of the House of Blues nightclub chain-cum-major national franchise.

The Blue Highway
This encyclopedic roadtrip of the blues "winds past the plantation barrelhouses of the Mississippi Delta to the south-side clubs and tenements of postwar Chicago."

Addicted To Noise
One of the best online music zines from the most experience music writers on the Web. With a new issue every month, plus daily news and reviews.

Music Boulevard
With over 150,000 CDs from many genres, this is one of the more reliable online CD stores. Home to the MTV CD lounge, and the VH1 sound shop.

Impressive Microsoft Network resource featuring daily music news, weekly feature interviews, plus CD and concert reviews.

England's most famous music weekly gets serious with their online presence with news, reviews, sound clips, and charts.

Classics World
BMG-produced guide to classical music includes a catalog of composers and conductors with biographies and discographies.

The Internet Movie Database
Nearly any Website you've seen on a movie or a Hollywood star has dipped into this pool in one way or another because it's the best there is.

Film 100
A detailed list of the 100 most influential filmmakers, this is the history of cinema in a nutshell.

Rough Cut
There's nothing particulary rough about Rough Cut, a movie fanzine that takes a sophisticated perspective on popular movies.

The Godfather Trilogy
Fans of Francis Coppola's three-part Godfather epic won't be able to refuse Web whiz J. Geoff Malta's sprawling site.

Postmodern Thought
What does "deconstruct" mean exactly? Vast directory of notable critics and theorists from Roland Barthes to Edward W. Said.

The Criterion Collection
It began with Citizen Kane in 1984, and since then the Criterion Collection has issued on laserdisc the definitive versions of many of the world's finest films.

Film Scouts
Film Scouts is one of the better all-around movie houses on the Web.

All-Movie Guide
Colossal searchable movie database, with film suggestions, a "plot-finder," interviews, glossary, and more.

Explore this searchable directory for your favorite film. Contains over 6,000 sites related to movies and filmmaking.

Microsoft Cinemania
This off-shoot of the popular CD-ROM, Cinemania, brings you movie reviews, star interviews, and biographies with a searchable index.

Games Domain
The Games Domain has built its popularity on its huge array of direct links to games and tip sheets around the Internet.

It's hard to resist this enormous collection of fun, featuring previews, reviews, news and downloads of all the latest computer games, movies and patches.

Happy Puppy
This games mecca serves up news, cheats, hints, and upgrades to all the most popular PC and Mac computer games.

Mr. Doom
You haven't lived until you die. In Doom. So says Mr. Doom, anyway. And he oughta know. His Website has one of the funkiest collections of self-destructive entertainment this side of Id's staff.