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The Virtual Colony
Showcasing literature, photography and music, this cyber-colony of artists is building a storehouse of quality work from across the Web.

Breezy graphics and upbeat, informed writing make this one of the liveliest ports on the Web for Latino art, culture, and political news.

Mundo Maya
This rich travel and culture site casts a splendid spotlight on the countries and people of what was once the Mayan world.

Art Crimes
Art Crimes is a gallery of graffiti featuring more than 2,000 images from cities all over the world. 

Museum Picasso Virtual
Created by Dr. Enrique Mallen, professor of modern and classical languages at Texas A&M, the Museum Picasso Virtual delivers a wealth of material on the man and his works.

Inward Vessels
This site, which could loosely be described as an art magazine, explores your mind while you're reading it. Inward Vessels is full of low-key, high-impact art and prose, and rather than being ...

The Virtual Colony
Showcasing literature, photography and music, this cyber-colony of artists is building a storehouse of quality work from across the Web.

Salvador Dali Art Page
This celebration of Salvador Dali offers a rich introduction to the artist and his career. Viewers can explore Dali's early years, his surreal phase and his classical stint, or browse 120 of his paintings.

The Surrealism Server
This page explores the art (or anti-art) movements of surrealism and its precursor, Dadaism. Like Dadaism, this doesn't take itself too seriously: it includes super background and reading lists on ...

File Room Censorship Archive
Here a group of Chicago artists collect and chronicle humankind's history of censorship, from Aristophanes to Annie Sprinkle.

The concept is both elegant and populist: post classics of world art on the Web for all to see. Parisian computer consultant Nicholas Pioch originally called this non-commercial site "The Louvre," ...

Formerly known as San Francisco Open Studios, this site is an impressive online excerpt featuring hundreds of artists (referenced alphabetically or by medium), each displaying several works online. ...

Arts-Online is an ambitious attempt to bring together artists of all genres -- visual arts, music, dance, theater, fashion, film -- and create a venue for publicizing and promoting their work.

The Papa Page
If the Web is a moveable feast, then the banquet table is laden with goodies at the Papa Page, a tribute to Ernest Hemingway's life.

Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna
Pull up a couch to find all things Freudian at this virtual museum site devoted to the father of psychoanalysis.

The Smithsonian Institution
The Smithsonian isn't just a bunch of museums and galleries in Washington -- it's a cottage industry.

Countdown- An Opera for the Nuclear Age
Commissioned and performed by the Boston Lyric Opera, this "first computer-assisted opera" weaves a musical yarn of love, pregnancy, and nuclear war.

One supposes that opera lovers, as a rule, don't do a lot of Web surfing. But they really don't need to. This is the one site that any opera devotee needs.

Black Star
Photography agency. Collection of more than three million photographs and a list of working photographers.

Black and White Art Zone
Exhibition and articles on b&w photography. With links to resources and a bulletin board for information on contests and studios.

Large magazine style site of art photography containing many exhibitions of photos, indexes of galleries and a moderated discussion forum.

Classical Net
Includes a repertoire list, reviews and articles, CD buying guide and a database of composers.

Anarcho-situationalist online magazine with essays (by Hakim Bey, Bob Black, Guy Debord and others), fiction, poetry, and book reviews.

Sample or steal? Avant-garde musician John Oswald challenges the copyright laws to permit artistic expression.

Laughing Squid
Excavating culture from beneath the surface of modern civilization guided by a creature remarkably similar to an octopus.

Los Angeles Cacophony Society
Guerrilla artists, slackers, hooligans, kitsch-hounds, and others dedicated to the subversion of prime time reality.

Postmodern Thought
What does "deconstruct" mean exactly? Vast directory of notable critics and theorists from Roland Barthes to Edward W. Said.

Postmodern Journal Of Kitsch
Take a quirky look at the postmodern qualities of sports team names, outhouses, fraternities, and acronyms as they relate to identity.

Aria Database
Searchable reference guide to arias by name, opera, and language. With contextual information, midi files, and some translations.

Classical Net
Includes a repertoire list, reviand articles, CD buying guide and a database of composers.

OperaPak's Synopses
Links to 32 operas each with detailed narratives, musical highlights, and summaries of historical events.

Louvre, Paris
Extensive details of this famous museum and gallery, including membership and events. Many exhibits online.

Georges Pompidou Center, Paris
Information on the collection of twentieth century art, the extensive library at the center, the architecture of the center and more.

Uffizi Gallery
One of the oldest museums in the world with works from the 14th to 18th centuries, including a famous collection of Tuscan Renaissance paintings.